Alimentum’s 5th Anniversary issue with writing by all of the editors and designers. Poems from Paulette LicitraCortney DavisRuth Polleys. Essays from Peter SelginClaudia CarlsonEric LeMayDuane Spencer. Fiction by Esther Cohen. Interview with Knopf editor Judith JonesAnn Hood’s The Golden Silver Palate; Poems by Ricardo Pau-LlosaAmy Halloran’s nurse meets an angry baking-monk, Barry Foy’s Second Thoughts about a bonbon in the trash, illustrations by Nicole K. Docimo...

Plus: why coffee and writing go together, murder by eggplant, a pub waitress is secretly inspired by some frequent guests, scary strawberries, shrimp obsessions, corn muffin addiction, choosing a Chinese wife for the meals, recipe poems with asparagus and cichetti, a cutlet stares down its eater, feeding kisses to strangers at a diner...and much more, 27 writers and poets!

Alimentum #11